Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

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From the 14th to 19th November  Agrupamiento de escolas Santa Marija de Feira received guests from 6 European countries to carry out  international project “We Promote Integration”. Portugeese coordinator Graciosa Pinto with the help of  other Portugeese colleagues prepared the meeting. Project  partners brought pictures of their migrant students and introduced the current situation of migrant pupils attending their schools. The partners presented their work very creatively: there were slides, movies, drawings, oral presentation which allowed the audience to get the picture about the migrant students and their families. 

The project coordinators gathered for  a separate meeting to discuss the activities during next meeting in Warendorf. There were made some changes in the mobility plan. Everybody agreed that in the next mobility meetings students have to participate in moderated workshops and come to some results. 

The Portugeese partners showed their guests villages and towns in Portugal. Thank to Portugees teachers  Isabel, Alvaro, Filomena and headmistress Lucina Fereira Erasmus plus partners admired Aldeia Casal de sao Simao and Quintadona villages, historical towns Guimaraes and Viana do Castelo. 

We all were convinced  of the words about Portugal (by L.V. Camoes) which say that here ends the land and begins the water. 

Project coordinator Meilė (Panevėžys)